Dive into Adventure On The Andros Bahamas Blue Hole and Barrier Reef Day Tour


Are you looking for an island adventure that will blow your mind away? Look no further than the Andros Bahamas, where turquoise waters and white sandy beaches await. And what better way to explore this piece of paradise than on a day tour with Bahamas Island Travel? Dive into a blue hole and snorkel the Barrier reef, all under the guidance of experienced instructors.

But that’s not all! Get a chance to visit the famous Androsia Batik Fabric Factory in season, where you can witness the production of beautiful hand-painted fabrics. With so much to do and see, here’s what you can expect from the Andros Bahamas Blue Hole and Barrier Reef Day Tour.


The adventure begins with a trip to the blue hole, a natural wonder that is unique to the Bahamas. The Andros Bahamas boasts some of the most incredible blue holes in the world, and you’ll be thrilled to dive into one. As you swim through the crystal clear water, marvel at the surrounding limestone rocks and awe-inspiring marine life. You will be accompanied by a professional diving instructor, ensuring you explore the blue hole safely and confidently.

After your thrilling dive, it’s time to snorkel the Barrier reef, a must-visit spot for all snorkel lovers! The Barrier reef is a fascinating underwater ecosystem, home to an array of colorful marine life. Swim through schools of fish, witness rays glide by and even come across occasional barracudas. Your snorkel guide will take you to the best spots to get a chance of glimpsing the spectacular coral formations.

The Androsia Batik Fabric Factory is also a top spot to visit, especially during the peak seasons. See how the beautiful hand-painted fabrics are crafted, using techniques that have been passed down for generations. The vivid colors and unique patterns of the Androsia fabrics have made them internationally famous. You may even purchase some to take home with you as a unique souvenir.

Andros is famous for its rich Bahamian culture, and on the day tour, you’ll get a chance to witness and experience some of the local culture, including their cuisine. Snack on tasty Bahamian delights as you explore the island, and learn about the people and their customs that make Andros so unique.


Visiting the Andros Bahamas Blue Hole and Barrier Reef Day Tour with Bahamas Island Travel is not only a chance to experience a world-class adventure but also immerse in the unique Bahamian culture. From the beauty of the blue holes and the Barrier reef to the incredible Androsia Batik Fabric Factory, to the tantalizing and tasty Bahamian cuisine, there’s something for every traveler. Book your Andros Bahamas Blue Hole and Barrier Reef Day Tour now and experience true island bliss.