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Discover the Enchanting Solitude of

A Private Island Vacation Rental In The Exuma Cays


Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Exuma Cays, near the renowned Staniel Cay, lies a hidden gem waiting to be discovered by those seeking a unique blend of luxury and eco-friendly travel.  This Cay is a private island vacation rental in the Exuma Cays, Bahamas that promises an unparalleled experience, where nature’s rhythm syncs with the luxury of seclusion to offer you an ethereal escape. Here’s why this pristine paradise beckons eco-tourists and private travelers from across the globe to its sun-kissed shores.

A Symphony of Sustainability and Serenity in the Exuma Cays

This  Cay is a beacon of sustainability. It is fully powered by solar energy and has fresh water sourced through reverse osmosis. These eco-friendly practices ensure that your stay contributes to conserving the island’s immaculate natural beauty while indulging in modern comforts.

Accommodations that Transcend Expectations

Sleep Amidst Nature’s Masterpiece: The Octagonal Wood Cottages

This Cay’s accommodations are nothing short of majestic, with three distinctively designed bedrooms catering to the refined tastes of its guests. The bedroom suites, positioned 100 meters apart, offer privacy encapsulated in the beauty of octagonal wood cottages, each with air-conditioning to temper the balmy tropical air.

Bedroom 1: This suite whispers tales of the ocean with wooden shutters opening to water vistas and is conveniently located near the outdoor “glamping” kitchen and rain-protected outdoor shower. Dim lighting at night paves the way for a celestial spectacle above.

Bedroom 2: Unwind in the comfort of regular glass windows, deck decorum, and front-row seats to magnificent sunsets. This suite has an outdoor bathroom that blends functionality with an incredible view.

Bedroom 3, The Cave House: Etched into the rock and mere feet from the lapping waves, it offers a secluded retreat close to nature’s heart.

Hattie Cay Exuma Cays Bahamas Vacation rental Private IslandThe Bathing Dance with Nature

On this Exuma Cay, the bathing experience is a romance with the open air. Descend from the main house to an outdoor shower carved from nature’s mold. Or step just outside Bedroom 2 to an elegant bathroom setting, where nature’s theatre unfolds before you.

Hattie Cay Exuma Cays Bahamas Vacation rental Private IslandIsland Amenities for an Effortless Stay

Despite its reclusive nature, this Exuma Cay doesn’t skimp on amenities. You can stay connected with Wi-Fi or disconnect with the melodies from a Bose Speaker. Cozy up by the fire pit or explore the water with sports gear. From the Nespresso Coffee Machine for your morning ritual to the blender for your sunset cocktails, every detail is attended to.

Hattie Cay Exuma Cays Bahamas Vacation rental Private IslandActivities that Entice Adventure and Relaxation

Whether you bask in the sun on beach chairs, paddle away in kayaks, or stargaze by the fire pit, This Cay is the perfect backdrop for adventure and relaxation. Moments become memories here, and the world’s hustle fades into the gentle caress of the waves.


Hattie Cay Exuma Cays Bahamas Vacation rental Private IslandThis Cay is not just a private island getaway; it is a sanctum where luxury meets responsibility, every sunrise promises a day of exploration, and every sunset brings a night of serene intimacy. Book your stay at this unparalleled island retreat and weave your tale of tranquility at the very pulse of the Exuma Cays.

Indulge in the epitome of eco-luxury. Feel the heartbeat of the Earth. Come, be one with this little Exuma Cay.

Remember to pack your passion for nature and leave only footprints behind in the pristine sands. For bookings and further details, visit our website and immerse yourself in a sanctuary.


Date: Daily All Year


Private Island: In The Exuma Cays

Your Stay & Play:
The Private Island Vacation Rental Cay is priced at $4,000.00 per night, plus tax, and a $250.00 cleaning fee applies to each stay. To confirm bookings we do require a 50% deposit upon booking and the remaining 50% 7-days prior to the reservation. Your group is the only one there!
Hattie Cay Exuma Cays Bahamas Vacation rental Private Island

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