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Discovering the Wondrous Nurse Sharks
Compass Cay in the Exuma Cays

This experience is available on the Swimming Pigs Tour or as a Private Experience or a Staniel Cay Vacation Package.

The Exuma Cays of the Bahamas play host to a plethora of amazing marine species. Among them, the wondrous nurse sharks have become one of the most cherished, which can be found in Compass Cay. Unlike the deathly dread when hearing the word “shark,” the nurse sharks are known to be quite peaceful. For those thrill-seekers who want to experience swimming with them, Compass Cay is the perfect destination to do so. Get ready to dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Bahamas while enjoying an up-close encounter with these gentle giants.

Compass Cay Swim With The Nurse SharksCompass Cay is a 1,280-acre island that is home to around 18 people. The island is known for its calm waters and its friendly nurse sharks. The nurse sharks in Compass Cay are accustomed to human interaction and typically lurk around the dock while waiting for visitors to arrive. You can also easily spot them near the dock area swimming in a peaceful, unhurried fashion.

One of the great things about Compass Cay is its emphasis on environmental protection. The people who live on the island take care of all of the sharks, so you can trust that the animals are safe to be around. In fact, many of them have been living in the surrounding waters for years, with many of them up to 10 feet long.

7 Stops

Snorkel Thunderball Grotto, a naturally occurring cave, offers an incredible stop and snorkel opportunity with stunning coral and sea life. Made Famous in the James Bond Film Thunderball.
Meet the Original Swimming Pigs at Pigs Beach! Dive into an unforgettable experience as you get up close and personal with these world-famous pigs. Feed, admire, and create lasting memories with these incredible creatures.
Experience the extraordinary on Iguana Island – home to a thriving population of rare rock iguanas found nowhere else in the world.
Explore the breathtaking sunken plane wreck near Staniel Cay on an unforgettable snorkeling adventure.

Bahamas Day Tour Schedule

Note: All times are approximate. Experience the incredible Swimming Pigs tour with 7 stops! Dive into the adventure as our expert guides curate a unique itinerary just for you, ensuring the best possible experiences at each stop. With careful consideration of tides and tour sizes, every moment of this unforgettable tour will be tailored to perfection.

6:30 AM: Check-in at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
7:30 AM: Flight Departs
8:45 AM: Arrival at Bahamas Immigration and Customs
9:15 AM: Arrival at Staniel Cay & Escort to Marina
9:30 AM: Guided Boat Tour Begins
1:00 PM: Lunch at local island eatery*
4:30 PM: Returning flight departs Staniel Cay
6:00 PM: Approximate Arrival at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport

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