Exploring the Exuma Cay’s Famous Iguanas

Traveling to the Exuma Cays for a vacation takes one to a world of tropical weather, crystal clear turquoise sea, and pristine beaches. This mesmerizing chain of islands has kept on astonishing visitors with its mesmerizing beauty and unparalleled charm. Still, one exceptional attraction that lures many to these tiny island is its famous iguanas. The iguanas that call the Exuma Cays home are iconic and unique, and what’s even more amazing is their inhabitants’ story and preservation over the years. Here, we invite you to join us on a journey to explore the Exuma Cays’ famous iguanas.

History of the Exuma Cays famous iguana:

History of the Exuma Cays famous iguanaThe Northern Bahamian rock iguana, also known as the Exuma Cays iguana, is a species of reptile that has lived on the islands for over 40 million years. Since then, these magnificent creatures have evolved to become unique inhabitants of the islands, and have been able to survive on these isolated islands due to their specialist adaptations. Exuma Cays iguanas have a unique relationship with the island as they are known to feed on difficult-to-find shrubs and fruits, contributing to the ecosystem’s equilibrium. In the past, the Exuma Cays iguanas faced significant threats like hurricanes, poaching, and loss of habitat due to human activities, and their population sharply declined.


Due to the gradual decline of the species’ population, conservation efforts have been put in place to rescue the Northern Bahamian rock iguana from extinction. The Bahamas National Trust has been working tirelessly since 2002 to protect the iguanas’ habitats and raise awareness about their protection. Thanks to their efforts, the Exuma Cays iguana population has significantly grown in the past few years, restoring the balance in the ecosystem and ensuring the survival of this unique species.

Iguanas’ habitat and lifestyle:

The Exuma Cays iguanas’ living environment is a spectacle to behold and has played a significant role in captivating tourists’ hearts. The iguanas inhabit several cays, but the most famous are the Bitter Guana Cay and Allen’s Cay. The iguanas are herbivorous and can be seen basking on the rocks, feeding on fruits, berries, and other native plants. Visitors are allowed to interact with iguanas by feeding them grapes or pieces of lettuce. However, it is important to note that visitors are encouraged to not touch or harm them in any way.

Tips for visiting the Exuma Cays iguanas:

Visiting the Exuma Cay iguanas is a unique and exciting opportunity. To make the most out of your visit, there are certain tips you should keep in mind. Firstly, ensure that you bring comfortable shoes, water, and sunscreen. Secondly, it’s best to have cash or an established tour company when visiting the Exuma Cays as not all islands have shops or ATMs, and the iguanas are on private property. Lastly, it’s important to respect the iguanas’ environment by not feeding them foods that are harmful to their health.

The Exuma Cays’ famous iguana is a unique and treasured attraction that visitors from all over the world come to see. These magnificent creatures have a significant role in the ecosystem, and their preservation is of utmost importance. The conservation efforts have boosted their population, and visitors have the chance to experience them in their natural habitat. The proud history of the Exuma Cays iguana and the effort to preserve them is a testament to the importance of prioritizing conservation efforts to keep our planet’s vital species. We encourage you to take a trip and witness these fantastic creatures up close and appreciate the importance of keeping them around for generations to come.

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  • Discover the mesmerizing beauty of Pipe Cay Sand Bar with its breathtaking white sand that appears and disappears with the rhythm of the tides. Prepare to capture unforgettable moments and create envy-inducing Instagram posts at this stunning location.
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